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Market & Portfolio Review: 2-20-24

In this week’s market update, we are going to review the differences between navigating an overbought condition in a bull market vs. a bear market, along with what the current market symptoms suggest about the health of the business cycle.

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Market & Portfolio Review: 2-12-24

In this week’s update, we are going to dissemble the S&P 500 and determine what we believe is driving the rally, what areas are expensive, and which areas are cheap and may rally, even if the expensive areas fall

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Market & Portfolio Review: 12-4-23

In this week’s review, we will walk through what we think needs to happen to sustain the current market rally and why we believe the oil selloff is a temporary pullback before surging higher into year-end.

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Market & Portfolio Review: 11-6-23

In this week’s stock market update, we will review the durability of the bounce in stock prices last week, what challenges remain, and what we need to see to more confidently signal that the stock market correction may be over.

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Market & Portfolio Review: 10-23-23

In this week’s Market & Portfolio Review, we provide an update on how we believe the ongoing stock market correction is impacting stock prices at the sector level and the overall breadth of the market during up and down days.

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Market & Portfolio Review: 10-16-23

In this week’s update, we will do our best to unpack the events of the past week and use history to better understand how such events impact stocks. We will also look at how relations with Iran may impact oil prices and then look at sectors that may be able to withstand and possibly thrive under the pressure of high inflation, rising rates, and geopolitical instability.

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